What to pack for a hiking trip to Norway?

Hiking is fun, but only if you are dressed right.

Hiking is a must do activity in Norway, there is no better way to experience the pristine beauty of this country. However, know that hiking in Norway, is not like hiking in the States. When you venture out into the wild, you are truly in the wild, there are no cafés, no kiosks, no park rangers, no toilets, no warning signs. You are on your own, with tiny T signs on the rock guiding you through the trail. So before you head off to the mountains, make sure you have everything you need in your backpack to keep you safe. Here is a list of all essentials to pack for a hiking trip to Norway.


1.Good Pair of Hiking Shoes – Yes you need them, and no sports shoes will not do. The hikes in Norway are not on paved paths , you are mostly walking on natural trails, climbing rocks and crossing water springs. Depending on weather condition at times the trails can be slippery and dangerous. You must have good pair of hiking shoes and ensure that they are completely water proof. They make hiking a lot easier, and trust me, no matter how long you have walked all day, your feet will be dry, warm and blister free at night.

2. Layered Clothing- Summers in Norway are beautiful with optimum temperature most of the time. But up in the mountains it can get really windy and if it starts to rain the mercury can drop quickly. It is a good idea to dress in layers. Wear a base layer that wicks off sweat, a middle layer of insulation (but not too warm), and top that with an outer warmer layer which protects you from extreme cold, wind or rain and you can easily remove it if not needed.

3. Rain Jacket  No matter what time of the year, weather in mountains can be unpredictable, it is always a good idea to carry a nice rain Jacket with you, it can also work as an extra layer if it gets too windy and cold.

Hiking in rain? Why not, you just need the right gear.

4. Water Bottle- You should carry at least 1 litre of water per hiker per hour of the hike. Often the trails will have some natural springs where hikers can refill their bottles, but read ahead and plan accordingly. You do not want to be stuck thirsty and tired at a mountain top.

5. Sun Protection  – The summer nordic sun can be glaring. And depending on which part of Norway you  are in, it could keep you company all night :). So stock up on sunscreen, and make sure you have your sunglasses at all times.

6. Food – For hikes longer than 3 hours it is recommended to carry food and snacks with you. At breakfast most hotels/hostels near popular hike bases will provide lunch bags to carry sandwiches. Also keep some granola bars or fruits that you can snack up on your way. Remember, the hikes are all in the wild,with no food option anywhere. So based on how long your hike is, carry the fuel you will need

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