Handy tips for female travelers to Norway!

woman standing on brigde with colorful houses visible behind
Norway is one of the safest country for solo female travelers.


Some quick tips for female travelers planning to travel alone or just looking to get some hint on what to pack and how much space to keep in your luggage for shopping 😉



Safety is not a concern for any one travelling to Norway. It is one of the safest country you could find. From the remotest islands to the capital city of Oslo, safety was the last thing on our mind.

  In cities, it might still make some sense to be aware of your surrounding, but for planning your hikes, or what hour you should be driving or taking public transportation, I would not even consider safety as a point.

We hiked alone on a remote island at midnight without a worry. Also we were recommended by our airbnb host to kayak across to a remote beach pretty late at night. So don’t be worried about what time of the day it is, and just explore.

Culture and Dressing

 Norway is a developed country and an affluent society, hence very open to any kind of apparel. Dress as you prefer, there are no stares or frowns. However make sure you are dressed for the weather.

As for fashion, I would call the dressing sense of Norwegians practical rather than fashionable. As a tourist you can dress as you like, I felt comfortable wearing anything from dress to shorts to hoodies.

 Norway is not a very religious country either, and though you will find some beautiful stave churches, we never found any dress code to enter any church or religious site.

This Troll was guarding the souvenir shop.

Shopping in Norway

Norway is not a typical shopping destination. It is an expensive country and the local style is simple. Most things you find here were manufactured outside the country and will cost more than any other place. However, if you are looking for a nice piece of clothing as a souvenir I recommend buying an authentic Norwegian sweater made of local sheep wool. These make for stylish yet casual wear, perfect for cold weather.  They are available everywhere , Dale Norway is a popular brand and you can find their exclusive stores or their sweaters in retail chains. If knitting is your thing you can also buy yarns from Dale. Beware that not all sweaters sold as Norwegian are actually Norwegian, many being sold at the tourist shops are made in China or Honk Kong so remember to check the tag.

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