Immaculate, rugged and raw, these are the first words that come to mind when trying to describe Norway. For any nature lover a trip to the nordic land is a must. This is a country with vast landscapes untouched by the human civilization, mountains that have never been stepped on, water springs so clean you can just drink out of them and lakes so clear you could see right through. Blessed with the midnight sun in the summers, and the aurora borealis in the winter, there is never really a bad time to go to Norway. We had the opportunity to do a 10 days summer road trip across this rugged land. We have jotted down some helpful articles for anyone planning  a trip to this Scandinavian country. Whether you are just spending a couple of days, or planning a long hiking trekking itinerary like us, you will find these links very handy and helpful. Hope you have an amazing trip and love Norway as much as we did.


kjerag valley