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We are four friends separated by vast oceans and continents coming together to tell our travel stories. We have traveled across more than 40 countries and wish to measure the planet in our lifetimes!









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I am an Indian girl based in New York working in the fin tech domain. I have been in the GNYC area for almost a decade and I love New York, but I also love getting away from it every once in a while. Traveling for me is a way to recharge my batteries. I love travel and I also love travel planning, and although I have only been to 11 countries so far, I have day dreamed and planned my virtual vacation to every beautiful corner of this planet.


I am an environmental engineer and a climate scientist. I have been living in the U.S. for about a decade and currently, my home is Tennessee at the foothills of beautiful Smoky Mountains. I grew up in India where I traveled extensively on family vacations. Now, I continue to explore new destinations around the world. Being a sustainability and climate change enthusiast and an avid planner, I plan my trips to keep them budget and environment friendly.


I am an Engineer, nature loving person, a passionate historian and seeker of tranquility. I got the travel bug in early age and ever since all my efforts are focused on traveling around the world. I love traveling like a local, making friends along the way and enjoying local dishes and learning how to recreate them. Travel for me is all about roaming around old town exploring the historical sights, hiking the beautiful trails and skiing around the world.


I am a photographer at heart, a diagonal thinker, and a nature lover. I am a strong believer of sustainable and responsible tourism and have travelled more than 30 countries across the world. I like traveling to offbeat destinations which make me think, feel and question my assumptions about the world and myself. Currently I live in India where I work with institutions to adopt renewable sources of energy and create a better future for the next generation.

Founded from Vacation Inspiration

We take a break from our work to travel and explore the world. We are  friends with different personalities who look at world differently yet are bonded by our love for travel. We bring shoestring travel tips to luxury fine dining experiences from all over the world. We wish to inspire you to travel to new and exotic destinations.

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