Top 5 Places to Visit in Udaipur

City Palace Udaipur

Visiting Udaipur is the most appetizing experience you can ever have in the deserts of India. You can remember the streets by their aroma. There will be alleys full of spices and then there will be tandoor and kababs. But besides food, Udaipur has a lot to offer to tourists from around the world. Before I jump onto the palaces and lakes of Udaipur let’s take a sneak peek into top 5 places to visit in Udaipur.

Fast Facts about Udaipur

  • Country- India
  • Famous for- Centuries old palaces surrounded by lakes and hills | Destination Wedding
  • Average Temperature- 25-34 deg C from Aug to Feb.
  • Hotels Price Range- $25 to $250
  • Best Time to Visit- August to February

Dinner at Ambrai Restaurant

If you are a foodie and love to eat around the best places on the planet, don’t miss out on the amazing dinner at Hotel Ambrai at Ambrai ghat. This place just blows your mind with its scenic vistas of the City Palace and lovely lake vibes all around. You can try out Lal Maas and tandoori naan here. Its recommended to make reservations one day before as usually dinner seats are booked during weekends. 

Watching sunset at Monsoon palace

I know I know! Sunsets are pretty cliché. But watching the sun taking a dive in the barren hills of Udaipur is indeed a rare and pretty sight. Plus when you get to know about the rich old king of Udaipur who built this palace just to be near the clouds, you just fall in love with the simplicity yet lavishness of the Palace. After all kings need a break from their daily mundane ruling lives and get away to be in the clouds. 

There is a ticket of INR 60 to visit the palace. To reach the palace, one can take a taxi or a Tuktuk ride just outside the ticket counter. It’s a climb over the hill for about 15-20 mins from the main entrance/ticket counter.

Interiors palace
Palace 2
Udaipur streets
Terrace restaurant

Taking a night stroll in City Palace

City Palace is bustling with tourists during the day. If you are a history enthusiast and love taking pictures around artifacts, well it’s a place for you. But if you are more of peace dweller and still want to marvel the grandeur of the palace, do visit it during the night time. You might not get the entry into main arena, but you can still get to stroll around the main palace area and have a nice dinner at The Sunset Terrace restaurant. Meal for two would cost around INR 3000. If you are into night photography, this is a perfect place for you. You can capture beautiful vistas of the palace, its courtyard, entrance and lakeside night lights casted by Jag Mandir. 

Having authentic Rajasthani thali

Having rajasthani food is like driving on an uphill road. There will be arduous bends on the way and you’ll feel like I have had it too much. But still the plate will be full of eatables and you’ll wonder when am I going to reach the destination and clean the plate zero. No doubt, its delicious and that’s why the journey will be adventurous and yet would feel a bit lengthy. But metaphors aside, question is where can you have the authentic Rajasthani Thali and don’t feel stuffed up after that. 

You must visit Panchvati Restaurant near Saheliyon ki Bari in Udaipur. The restaurant serves some richly prepared Lentils, Gatte ki sabzi, Ker Sangri, Poori and Chutneys. The waiters are generous yet won’t stuff your plate with food. You can have a meal serving as per your appetite.

Taking a Gondola Ride Venice Style

Udaipur is known as Venice of the East. One can have the classic gondola ride in Lake Pichhola or Fatehsagar Lake in Udaipur. Rides are made during evenings and each ride can cost you around INR 1000 to INR 3000 depending upon the size and style of the boat. The boats will take you to Jag Mandir and Taj Lake Palace as they are the only means of transportation.


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