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Eye Pie & World is a travel blog featuring articles on holiday destinations, travel itineraries and other travel tips.

About Us

We are  four friends who live in different parts of the world but are bonded by our common love for travel. People say if you are friends for over 7 years, you stay friends forever. Well, we are way past that. Quirky, crazy and adventurous, we are power packed girls. We are here to tell tales of our travel and help you plan yours.

Traveling is a soul enriching experience. It is not just about the fun and adventure, but experiencing different cultures and meeting new people expands your horizon and makes you see the world with a wider perspective. Be it a weekend getaway to the nearest beach town or a backpacking trip across the alps, taking a break from your day to day life is always a welcome change. So, ready to plan your next vacation? We are here to help. Explore the various destinations that we have been to and learn from our personal travel experiences. From driving tips to perfect itinerary we have got it all.

Hey Girl! Looking for places to shop in New York City? Contemplating if taking a solo trip to Asia is a good idea? Or deciding what to pack for your next beach vacation? Believe us when we say it, we know your problem, and we have been there. Explore this section to get exclusive tips; whether it’s where to find the top shopping hidden gems or dressing right for the place you are visiting. You can thank us later!

  Food is  a major element that motivates people to travel. Hey, we aren’t judging! we totally understand. Food is important, and trying exotic delicacies is one of our top priority as well. Everywhere we go we try to explore the local cuisine; let’s just say we take food seriously. So, read this section to learn about our experience with food from around the globe.

As much as we love to travel, long flights, lay overs, jet lag, oversized luggage, complicated itineraries and bad hotels are all parts of traveling as well. Managing your budget, your comfort and your travel desires is a tricky balance and is hard to achieve. While we don’t claim to be the experts, we have a few tricks up our sleeves that make traveling easier for us. Read it on, and pick what you like.

We have a beautiful planet, and we are lucky that we get a chance to explore it; but preserving it for future generations is a responsibility that lies with us too. We at eye pie and world believe in respecting tradition, culture and environment of any place we visit. In this section, we write about appreciating a destination while minimizing our socioeconomic and environmental impacts. So, read more to learn how you can make your trips more sustainable.

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